Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Praying for Peace of Mind

Dear Heavenly Father, I humble myself unto your presence, praying for peace of mind. Calm my mind, O Lord, and give me the heart to understand whatever I am going through right now. Help me understand, O Lord, that everything happens for a reason, and that you are in control. Give me peace, even when I am surrounded by war. Set my heart at ease, even as I am burdened by revenge. Give me peaceful days and nights, during these difficult times. I pray this short prayer trusting that your will shall be done, amen.

Unless you are a hermit, living under a rock with no contact with the outside world, you know or will shortly know that Donald Trump is the new president-elect of the United States of America. I admit that I am a little upset. I voted with my conscience, and can live with my decision. All we can really do is move on with our lives and pray for him and those he has to advise him. Pray that he will make decisions that are the best for the nation. We don't have to like him. He will be our president.

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