Thursday, November 10, 2016

Prayers against bad thoughts

Dear loving God, 
Sometimes I have, 
Terrible thoughts,
That run through my head. 
Do you see me, dear Lord?
Do you see my struggle?
You are mighty,
You are strong,
And you love me.
Set me free Lord!
Remove the bad thoughts,
That torment me.
Cast the enemy out,
Of my mind and my life.
Let no attack, deceit,
or contamination,
Affect me any more.
For I have been,
Washed clean,
By the blood of the Lamb.
Your mighty spirit, 
Protects me always.
All victory is yours alone.
Dear loving Lord,
Clear my mind,
Bring rest to my heart,
With the sweet caress,
Of your loving grace.
In Jesus' holy name.

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