Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Prayer for my daughter

Oh heavenly Father,
I life up my daughter to you.
I love her so much,
Please take care of her Lord.
Cover her with your blessings,
And protection. 
Let me let go,
Of my desire to conform her,
To my will.
Show me how to protect her,
And guide her into wisdom.
Let her know she is loved, 
As she is.
Let me love her also,
As she is.
Let her know she is indeed, 
A princess,
In a kingdom far greater,
Than any fairy tale.
A kingdom with a,
Great King,
Who reigns with justice,
And mercy.
Make her strong in your Word.
Let her be tender and gentle,
And let your love flow, 
Through her life and her heart.
In Jesus' holy Name,

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