Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Worrywart Prayer

Dear Jesus,
I give you my whole self.
I humble myself before You,  
believing You are bigger than me,
that You are more than capable  
to handle my burdens.  
I don't know what outcome   
of me giving up control  
of my whole self will be,  
but even so, I open my fist
and let You grab it  
(or the person) from me.
I want Your will.  
I want Your presence.
I need Your strength.
Please take this burden today
and use it in my life for Your glory.
Help me to entrust my whole self to You
even when things seem dark.  
I trust You. At least I try.
But help me to trust You today.
Right now, I give it up.  
I choose not to worry anymore about this. Amen.

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