Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Battle - Part 2

Now a little more with my battle.

Less than a month after we moved into our second place, this "perfect" apartment, we found out we were expecting Genevieve. We were already planning on getting married, she just moved up the date 4 months. It was the perfect wedding for us, and we couldn't have been happier.

Genevieve's birth was pretty close to perfect. The only thing that could have gone better was if I had actually known I was in labor, so I could have had a better idea of what to do before I went to the hospital to make the visit just a few hours shorter. I guess I should have taken a birthing class that time around. Back labor is hard to recognize if you have never been in labor.

Mike had been working a 2nd job, but I was having a hard time dealing with a newborn, a toddler, and a preschooler(Hailyn) all by myself for 8+ hours a day 1-2 days a week. Don't get me wrong, I loved spending time with Hailyn, but I was definitely stressed. It was after Genevieve turned 6 months old or so, that Mike and I separated. I was stressed and wasn't getting the breaks that I needed or wanted. The girls and I went and spent a week or so with my mom, so I could get my head back on straight. I think it was maybe a more serious or longer case of baby blues, but not quite bad enough that I would say it was depression. I read several good inspirational books and we went back home after a week or so.

It was also around that time that Mike had an "accident" at work. I use the word "accident" loosely, because some idiot hit him on purpose several times with a car. Luckily, he wasn't badly hurt, but he still has pains in his knees and lower back from where he was hurt. Mike is still to this day waiting for the guy's criminal trial, because he skipped out of town before the trail could get started.

Several months after the accident, right around when Genevieve turned 1, we found out about Jackson. Mike finally started getting some workman's compensation money around then, so that disqualified the girls and I from Medicaid, and the insurance through work was way too expensive. I was stressed out for a couple of months. I called the OB's office that delivered Genevieve, and they wanted almost the same about for just the pre-natal care that a midwife would want for the pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal care.

I was convinced quickly, but it took the rest of our families a little while to decide that it was going to be fine. I mean, the birthing center was about 4 blocks from the nearest hospital. A good one too.

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