Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Joys of Having Children from my POV

WARNING: This is going to be a venting post, and it may take me a while to actually get to the vent.

I have to admit that I love being pregnant....most of the time. When the baby is big enough, but not HUGE, and is kicking....that is one of the most AWESOME feelings in the WHOLE WORLD! When the baby is big enough to decide that your bladder is a trampoline, then they become a bit of a pain. The crazy varying hormones can be tiresome.

My pregnancies with Dianna and Genevieve were pretty different. Not quite total opposites, but still very different.

Dianna's was uncomplicated until the end, when it was discovered that she was frank breech(her head and feet were in my ribs) and the amniotic fluid levels were low enough that they weren't comfortable with trying a version(turning). She ended up being born via a semi-emergency, and probably unnecessary, c-section. We had some minor weight issues with her after that, but she is a "wild" and precocious 3 year old.

Genevieve's was full of "complications" at the beginning, but none really related to the pregnancy itself. I switched OBs around 12 weeks, because I didn't want to have another unnecessary c-section, which I know for a fact would have happened, just based on what Genevieve's measurements were doing the last 2 months of the pregnancy. She was born via VBAC at the same hospital that Dianna was born at.

This pregnancy has been "complicated" too. We tried unsuccessfully for more than a month to get insurance, only to be denied. I don't mind paying everything out of pocket, because we decided to use a midwife instead of an OB to save money and we will get to claim every penny on taxes next year. Because of being denied insurance, we aren't doing "all the extras", like 2-4 U/Ss that some OBs like to do to earn their money. We were able to find a place through my midwife that would do an U/S for free. As people sometimes say, the third time was the charm for us. We are getting our boy.

Unfortunately, little one, being a boy, is bringing drama like a magnet already. Mike's family has issues with the name and some of them are threatening to not allow little one or me at any family gatherings. Not really a big deal to me. Mike spends too much time helping out and not relaxing, like the rest of the family. I end up watching the kids and not getting a break either, because Mike's grandma's house, where the whole family gets together, is not baby proofed at all. And then there is the fact that little one will is/will be a boy. Circumcision has been brought up, and it is probably going to be a bit of a battle. Mike is circumcised, and I don't want to put our little boy through any "cruel and unusual punishment" when he hasn't done anything wrong.

The stress levels for everything are ridiculous right now, but God has his hands on our shoulders reassuring us that everything will be OK.

Mike and I have done some talking, and it looks like we will be starting some of our own family traditions at holidays. This year, since we will have our three kids, and at least Hailyn, and maybe Skyla, we will be doing Thanksgiving at our house! Since Mike and I started dating, we have ALWAYS had Thanksgiving and Christmas at his grandma's house with family. I think it sounds like a WONDERFUL idea so we can "establish" ourselves as a family.


  1. oh my. i am sorry to hear about all the drama. the fact that "FAMILY" is threating not to let the new one around ... because of a name doesn't sound like a family i would want them around anyways. as far as circumcision goes... it's YOUR baby! my kids are, i mentioned not doing it for the same reasons but ended up letting hubs chose because well, he has one & i dont?! at the end of the day what you chose to name him/ do is your guys choice & nobody else. hopefully it's all just a bunch of talk & once they see the little guy all the nonsense will go out the window. if not... their loss!! btw ... what is his name?!

  2. We had decided on Jes Alexander, but changed it to Jackson Shay.