Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sacred Circle

The birth center we are using had this in their welcoming packet, and I thought it was rather interesting. It sounds Christian, but secular(Wiccan?) at the same time.

From Motherprayer, the pregnant woman's spiritual companion

The room has been graced with a prayerful reminder of God's presence, and it is time to magnify the sanctity of the birthing bed or chair. It is time to define the area of the temenos, the sacred zone. We can draw the boundaries on the floor, or mark them with strings and ribbons, or establish them by the presence of people. By doing so, we create a sacred circle. The round belly of the woman has itself been the sacred circle that protected the child and contained the power of creation. Now that special space must be enlarged:

In the magic circle you are safe.
I was your magic circle:
I willed, protected, and surrounded you.
I kept you from the world,
From its accidents and demons
Its bacteria and muses
Its viruses and hatred and violence and envy.
In the circle of my being, you were safe

I have stretched very large -
But still I am too small for you.
The circle that once protected you now constricts.
The safe space in which you grew ready
No longer lets you move.

Now you must come out.

Behold I create a new space,
A circle drawn around us both.
The circle of me gives way to the circle of we.

I draw this circle:
With flour strewn on the floor,
With ribbons and strings and bows,
With people gathering around.

The space must be sacred,
The hour is holy.
The coming is now.
To our presence
And the presence of the Presence,
Blessed be the one who comes in the name of the Lord.

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