Thursday, March 10, 2011

20 Ways To Be Healthier Without Even Trying

1.) Laugh out loud!
2.) Orgasms. Well, of course, they’re good. But there’s more to having one than just that moment of toe-curling bliss. Orgasms actually change your brain chemistry in a way that relaxes your body and relieves tension.
3.) Drink plain old water. Drink water with meals and whenever you are thirsty.
4.) Wash your hands. Up to 80% of all colds, flu, and other common illnesses are spread through touching.
5.) Eat ANYTHING in the produce aisle.
6.) Floss! It’s easy to forget, but making it a habit is one of the best ways to ward off gum disease and keep your brilliant smile intact forever.
7.) Deep breathing. It cuts stress instantly. Try six slow breaths per minute to lower blood pressure.
8.) Hang out with friends. Three reasons why we need them: 1) We’re hardwired to. 2)They let us vent. 3) They’re lifesavers.
9.) Massage. It feels great and research shows a good rub may improve circulation and release feel-good chemicals like serotonin.
10.) Decent posture. Sit or stand up straight and you’ll magically look slimmer.
11.) See a doctor.
12.) Sleep enough. For the average person, that means from seven and a half to nine hours nightly.
13.) (Your pet’s name here)Having an animal around helps you get out of your own head and focus your love and attention on something else. It’s instant stress reduction.
14.) Work your brain. It keeps it sharp, which promotes longevity.
15.) Maintain a healthy weight.
16.) Always use condoms. To reduce your risk of getting HIV, HPV, and other STDS, they are a MUST.
17.) Get back to nature.
18.) Swim some laps or find another exercise you are into.
19.) Start to give up smoking.
20.) Love someone. When you do, your brain basically marinates in dopamine, a chemical that “makes you feel euphoric and hopeful”.

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