Friday, December 17, 2010

Lots a going on

Genvieve turned 1 on the 6th and is doing great! I was mean and scheduled her Dr's appointment for the day of her birthday, but it didn't seem to bother her much. She weighed 20lbs 15oz and is 31in tall. That's almost the exact same that Dianna was at 1, except she was 1/2oz heavier! She's still breastfeeding like a champ and started walking on the 11th! It's only a few steps here and there right now, but she's doing good.

Christmas is going to be busy as usual. We are going to be spending most of the day with Mike's family, and then the afternoon is time with my dad. We are supposed to have Hailyn, but we don't know how Mike's ex is going to handle it. His ex got married about 3 hours before I picked Hailyn up for the last visitation. I just hope that the holidays aren't filled with drama because of it all.

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