Saturday, September 25, 2010


A cousin posted this as a note on Facebook, and I thought it was too good not to share. I'm not real close to my cousins because we live so far apart, but it is nice to connect with some of them here on Facebook

By Rebekah Reeves Grindstaff

I'm sitting on the couch after putting my two children to bed. I'm watching t.v. yet my mind is consumed with so much.... I needed to write it down and decided to share it because I wanted others to know there is a God, He is in control, and He's thought of Everything!

You thought of Everything
From the changes of the season to the perfect color green
The phrase "it is good" can't even contain the magnificence of a simple piece of wood

You thought of Everything
You gave us tears to cry and eyes to dry
Ears to hear and voices to clear
So simple, so unique, so amazing

You thought of Everything
The smell after the rain somewhat pleasing, but also full of pain
Why don't we just stop and listen to it rain

You thought of Everything
From the twinkle of the star to the laughter heard from afar
Your thought, care, perfection, so amazing

You truly thought of Everything!

Thank you... for making my life so full of Your Everythings
For making my laughter loud with a snort
my tears sometimes silent
my heart bursting with thirst and love not for sport

You thought of Everythings made just for me
now please help me to see each and Everything
Forgive me for sometimes not being Everything you made me to be
and teach me how to think of the Everythings that my babies will need

You truly thought of Everything!

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