Friday, July 23, 2010

Having a GREAT day!

Sorry I haven't kept this silly blog up-to-date. My priorities are a little screwy, so I am all over the place and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Genevieve slept from 10:15pm to sometime around 5:30am last night. It was nice to sleep so well. Mike actually had to wake me up, because I didn't hear her fussing. She's doing better with her naps, so I am able to get some work and projects done around the apartment. Genevieve has also started crawling and pulling herself up, and is starting to get into EVERYTHING in reach. We are pretty sure she will be walking before Halloween.

Dianna went to bed rather easily, albeit rather late. I'm trying to get her on a better schedule, and I think a couple of early mornings are in our near future. She's doing good all around, and is picking up new words here and there.

Mike is going to physical therapy, and it seems to be really helping his back. He seems to be under less stress, so needless to say, life is good right now.

I'm working on some knitting projects that I am hoping to sell to earn a little extra money from home. Everything so far is turning out good, and I am hoping on starting a little business to sell what I make. After I finish making some ropes to lower our hanging flowers, I'm going to try to make a dress for Dianna. If it turns out good enough, I am going to make some to sell. We have decided that after Genevieve turns 1, that I am going to start looking for a job. I didn't hear back on any jobs I applied for after I had Dianna, so I think it may be difficult to find one now. I can tell you what I won't be home childcare! I can barely keep my sanity watching the girls, so adding anymore to the mix would be crazy.

Mike and I have decided that we as a family are too lazy, so at the end of this billing cycle, we are getting rid of U-verse and the DVR. We got plenty of movies from a co-worker, so we won't have to worry about being bored when we can't spend time outside. Mike still needs to loose a little weight, and it wouldn't hurt for me to loose a little either. I think this may help get Dianna on a better schedule.

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