Thursday, June 10, 2010

Been Busy

I've been pretty busy with the girls, and we spent 4 days last weekend at grandma Shannon's lake house. It was nice to get together with everyone, but a non-child proofed house is not a place I want to spend a boatload of time. All of Mike's sisters and their kids/families were there.

Genevieve is doing good. She had her 6 month appointment on Tuesday and is growing OK. She was 15 pounds 12 ounces and 27.5 long. Her head was 17.5 inches. Her pediatrician voiced some mild concern that she hasn't gained an average amount of weight and dropped down in percentages a bit. Genevieve did good with the 3 shots she got. Mike's mom and grandma voiced some concern last weekend about the way her head was shaped. It was something that I had already noticed and mentioned it at the appointment as well. The doctor wasn't very concerned, but we are going to take Genevieve to another DR to get a second opinion. Her head looks similar to Mike's did before his surgery, so we want to be safe and not sorry later.

Dianna is doing good too. She has picked up a couple new words, including one while we were at the lake house: "outside". We bet that by the end of next summer that she will want to be fishing with us, because the last two times we have gone fishing she has played with the bait. She's starting that stage where she is a little more picky with what she eats. Her spoiled attitude is really starting to show too.

Mike finally got the MRI done and it showed some minor abnormalities, but the "doctor" he had been seeing didn't think it was enough to be causing his pain. He got a referral to a back/spine specialist and has an appointment tomorrow morning. Hopefully, this doctor will be able to help get Mike's back back close to normal. It has been stressful at work, but he seems to be enjoying his Saturdays off with the girls.

I'm doing good. I'm still a little stressed with the way stuff is going and not being able to get all the cleaning done that I need or want to. I have a couple of craft projects that I want to get done this summer. I got a really small one done today, and have one more that can be finished quickly once I get our bedroom cleaned. I'm hoping to start getting up a little earlier so I can back into good shape. Hopefully a little better shape than I was in before I got pregnant with Dianna. I don't have a whole boatload of weight that I want to lose, only 12 pounds. It's the muscle tone that I really want to work on. Let's see how I look and feel at the end of the year.

Here are a couple of recent pictures that are favorites.

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