Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Food and Other Going Ons

We started adding applesauce to Genevieve's cereal a couple of days ago, and boy is she LOVING it! She also gobbled up peas last night too. Genevieve liked that she was eating food, but I guess she didn't like the flavor. I think we will probably add some Nature's Seasoning to help it taste a little better.

Mike's back is still really bothering him and workman's comp still hasn't approved an MRI yet, so it's time to start calling and harassing them about it daily.

I've only been to class two times in the last two weeks, and I can feel how much lower my stress levels are. I turned in my English final VERY early this morning, and have a final each morning Monday through Wednesday. Grades look OK for now in every class except chemistry, so let's wait and see how they look after finals.

We are starting a small garden. We are going to try not to kill the fruits, vegetables, and flowers anytime soon. Mike wanted to just plant flowers, but I don't really see the point of planting anything if we don't get anything out of it...i.e. food or flowers that will last more than a year.

The fun has started with potty training Dianna, but no real luck yet. I think when she wakes up from her nap, I am going to stick her on the potty seat with her sippy cup so a going will hopefully be guaranteed.

I've also got some cute new pictures of the girls, but I can't find the damn camera cord so they will be posted as soon as I find it.

Added 5/25: The camera cord was hidden underneath the stuffed animals in the nursery.

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