Monday, April 26, 2010

What's been going on?

Depending on when you ask me this, it could range from "way too much" to "not much".

Genevieve is doing great. She's been eating cereal for about a week, and seems to be enjoying it. We are going to start adding apple or pear sauce to it in a week or so to start getting her ready for more foods. She's rolling over so much now! No more leaving her alone on the bed or couch anymore. Before too long, she'll be crawling. She's been reaching up for me and playing good with Dianna. I'm hoping she's going to start sleeping longer during the night, because 2 hours at a time is just not cutting it.

Dianna is doing great too. She's adding new words every so often and really loving her coloring time. We did some finger painting before her birthday, and will probably do a couple more soon. She has her moments when she becomes Little Miss Grouchy Butt, but most of the time she is a happy 2 year old. We went to Grandma Shannon's lakehouse on Saturday night, and everyone had a blast! Dianna is going to love fishing when she gets older. She just would not leave the shad(bait) alone. She ending up reeking of fish and had to take a bath before bed.

Mike is doing OK. He was in an accident at work 2 weeks ago, and his back is still pretty sore. We went back to the doctor this morning, and he is waiting on hearing back if workman's comp is going to approve an MRI being done. Long story short, the driver was going the wrong way in the parking garage at work and tapped Mike with his car 4 times. The driver wouldn't share any information, so the cops got called. He left before the cops got there, but Mike is pressing charges. A warrant was issued, and the guy turned himself in. Something we'll be working on this summer is making sure he starts exercising again. Technically, he is obese, so we are going to try to get him down about 60lbs or so slowly but surely.

I'm doing OK too. I have my good days and my bad days. I've been a little overwhelmed, blue, and angry lately, and am working on getting an appointment to talk with someone as soon as I can. I'll probably vent some on here as my own form of therapy. School is going OK. Chemistry is ridiculously tough, and I would be happy if I get a D. I blame some of my grade on my inability to concentrate due to very rude classmates who come into class sporadically though out the class time. It's very nice to have my regular history teacher back, because the sub skipped so much stuff and taught oddly it's not funny. Government is going good too. I got an 84 on the last test, which made me very happy. English is hard, but we have been reading some interesting materials. I can actually relate to some of the people in the stories, and that is always nice.

My bad days suck, because I don't always have energy to do more than take care of the girls and myself when I get back from class. Due to that and being so busy with class, the apartment is in various stages of disaster. Unfortunately, the stages of mess embarrassed Mike at Dianna's birthday party. I'm slowly working on it and hope to have a good organizational system worked out for all of us before the end of the summer.

We found the perfect minivan for us, but the dealership/bank reneged on taking my car as a trade in and wanted $3K down. They wasted entirely too much of our time, so needless to say we won't be going back there. I think we'll start looking again a little closer to the end of the year, when there are better deals.

I'm going to try to take some semi-professional looking pictures of the girls soon, because the last time we had pictures taken was around Dianna's first birthday! Needless to say, the grandparents and great grandparents are getting onto us about some newer pictures.

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